How Security Guards Can Improve Their Observational Skills

When you undergo security guard training, one course you can choose is a class on observational skills.  Effective observation is one of the most important aspects of your job as a security guard, so it makes sense to find ways to be as observant as possible when it comes to the world around you. While not everyone can be Sherlock Holmes with amazing powers of observation, you can get a lot better and develop a talent for noticing what others don’t. Some key ways to improve your observational skills include:
  • Complete a training course. You can take courses on observation as part of your elective security guard training courses, and there is also a required course on observation and documentation that you will need to complete to maintain your California guard card.
  • Make mindfulness a habit. You should continually be alert to your surroundings, whether you are at work or otherwise. By training yourself to notice what is going on around you, you’ll become better at noticing when something is amiss as you do your job. Practice makes perfect when it comes to spotting oddities and unusual occurrences, so the more you make it a point to pay attention, the more honed your observational skills will become.
  • Watch body language. As you talk with and interact with people, practice paying attention to their body language as well as the words they are saying to you.  Doing this with people you know can be beneficial because you can start to see patterns in body language that can help you to assess people’s mood and intent.
Improving your observational skills pays off in making you safer because you can spot problems quickly and address them before they escalate. Find out more today about security guard training that can help you to improve your observational skills

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