How Much Does Security Guard Training Cost?

To get a job as a security guard in California, you must first get licensed. In a previous post, we talked about how to get licensed. To get licensed involves paying the required fees, passing background checks and completing mandatory training. You’ll be glad to know that you can take your mandatory training online on an accredited platform like My Security Training. So, how much exactly does a security guard training cost? Let’s find out.

First thing to note is that this answer depends on the mode of delivery of the training. Is the training online or onsite? Suffice it to say that onsite, physical training are more expensive than online training. Moreover, in an earlier post, we have detailed the benefits of online training for security guards. It ranges from convenience, to reduction in liability and costs, to managing protocols and compliance.

Second thing to note is that the answer to the question on how much a security guard training costs depends on the entity giving the training. Generally, security guards require minimal formal education. Thus, most security guards training are by informal entities, however, they must be accredited like My Security Training.

Last point to note in the cost of security guards training is if one is purchasing as an individual or a company. Suffice to say that discounts might be granted to companies buying online training for their security guards. 

Having noted the key points above, the cost of courses available on My Security Training range from $10 – $100 per course. Browse our catalogue to see current rates.

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