Becoming a licensed security guard involves two broad steps: participating in approved training, and applying for a license. How long it takes to get the required training and get a valid security license from authorized bodies and institutions depends on your location. This is because the requirements and processes for security licensing differ according to states’ laws and policies. However, here are the practical steps to take if you want to become a licensed security guard in any country. 

  1. Know and Meet The Requirements: Generally, the basic requirements for becoming a security guard are:
    1. Be 18 years and above. 
    2. Eligible to work in the country. 
    3. Pass all identity and criminal record checks, and 
    4. Complete all the training and courses requirements 
  1. Complete A Security Training Program: Now that you have known the requirements and you are sure you meet them, apply for and complete a government-approved training program either online or onsite. The training sessions usually take at least 40 hours to complete. It is the stage where you earn and build the skills required for the job. Some training sessions are mandatory.
  1. Generate A Training Completion Number: This is needed for you to get certified as a security guard and apply for your license. 
  1. Apply For Test: Use your training completion papers or number to apply for the Security Guard Test that is always coordinated by the concerned government agency.
  1. Get Licensed: Failing the security guard means you have to go through the process again, and passing the test means you are now a Security Guard and are now qualified to apply for your Security Guard license. Generally, processing a completed application takes between 20 to 30 days. 

We estimate it will take you a minimum of one month and a maximum of 8 months to get your training done and get licensed depending on how fast you meet all requirements.