No matter your primary place of assignment, your professional capabilities are often measured by how you are able to secure your duty post. The different nature of the places of assignment may affect your performance.

Casinos, Bars, and clubs

The environment is a lively but noisy one that brings out the bad and lawless side of customers. This means that you have more security issues to attend to as a security guard here. With more tasks at hand, your strength gets to wear out and this means you will get tired more. Another con of working here is that while you are trying to do your job to maintain order, you may get into scuffles. Working in environments such as these will improve your people relationship, giving experience on how to handle people and also control larger or tougher audiences. 


Not only the bars and casinos have people who will not behave. The restaurant is where everyone eats and drinks, so the good and the bad come there. More likely, everyone is cool at a restaurant, hence, you have just the job of bringing in customers and safely seeing them out. More likely, you will be happy and welcoming except for a few occasions when you have disrespectful customers or the ones trying to be smart with bills.

Stores and Malls

The high, low, aged, young, sassy, angry, proud, cool, and all kinds of personalities visit this place. Everyone needs to get something at one time or the other while some are just there to hang with friends and see new products. Theft, robbery, and shoplifting are common security challenges. 

There are modern gadgets like CCTVs that will make your job easy but you will most likely be running after shoplifters and burglars. It Will be fun on some days and some days it will be tiring.  

Industries And Corporate Organizations

Everyone is expected to be sane and of good behavior at industries and corporate organizations. Your job will be to check visitors in, direct visitors, see erring or unwanted visitors out. Here your performance can be affected by the boredom of not many lively activities and having to be on your feet all day which can be tiring. The cons here are hostage situations and big robberies. 

Homes, Schools, and Religious Places

This is dependent on the rules of your direct employers. But be sure you will be dealing with kids. It can be fun and can be annoying, that depends on your personality.