How Can I Improve My Security Company?

Demand for security officers is at an all time high even during lockdown. Whether it is trying to meet customer satisfaction or ensuring excellent service delivery, it can seem an indomitable task in the midst of the chaos. For this reason, we bring you ways you can improve your security company that guarantees more clients, more referrals and happy security officers on duty.

Verify Hires

This is already a mandatory step when hiring new security officers. While trying to obtain a security guard license, security officers usually undergo a background check. And if not passed, would probably not get the license. It doesn’t hurt to still do an internal background check on new hires. Experience alone is not enough, checking for fit with your security company is equally important. 

Continuous Training

This is exactly what we do at My Security Training. Our courses can be accessed online from any location, so lockdown is not a barrier. We also offer our courses to individuals and groups. So, you can save on expenses for your security company by enrolling all your staff at once. A wide range of courses are available, from the mandatory 8 hours and 36 hours courses, to courses on first aid, use of arms and interpersonal relationships.

Upskill on Security Tech

Are your staff still using stone age practices in a digital age where drones are the norm? This point closely follows the last point as to improve your security company’s services, getting your staff upskilled on the relevant latest trends in security is vital.

Unscheduled Inspections

What people do when no one is watching, is them being their true self. Don’t just take their words for it, visit their designated duty posts unannounced to see their performance on duty. Where performance is poor, relieving from the post should not be the immediate reaction. Opportunities for reflection should be allowed, this way, staff involved takes the chance to improve their performance.

Nothing is perfect, however, efforts at improving should be evident. Implementing all of the above will improve your security company.