How an Exposed Firearm Permit Expands Job Opportunities for Security Guards

In California, you need many different kinds of security guard training just to get your guard card. You can also go above and beyond the basic training to learn new skills and obtain additional licenses and certifications. For example, one options that you have is to complete training to obtain an exposed firearm permit. There are many different reasons why it can make sense for you to take the necessary training to secure an exposed firearm permit. Getting this permit can improve your job opportunities because:
  • Some jobs require an exposed firearm permit. To even be considered for certain types of guard positions, you must be able to carry an exposed firearm. This can be especially important in higher-threat situations where a guard needs to be a commanding presence. You don’t want to be disqualified from a job you are interested in because you are lacking in a permit, so it is best to get this qualification in case you need it.
  • Employers can see you’ve gone through extra training. Even if an employer doesn’t need a security guard who has an exposed firearm permit, you’ll still be better off having this skill listed on your resume. Employers appreciate people who take initiative and they’ll be impressed you went the extra mile to undergo the necessary training to get the permit.
  • You set yourself apart from guards who don’t have an exposed firearm permit. Having an exposed firearm permit can make you a more competitive job seeker when you are being considered alongside other applicants who have not completed the courses required to get a permit.
Continuing to undergo security guard training to learn new skills is a key part of your job growth. Get started today on exploring opportunities to compete the required coursework necessary to get an exposed firearm permit.

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