How a Security Guard Could Help Your Business Reduce Liability

Your company is expected to maintain a safe premises to limit or prevent injuries among both customers and employers. Hiring a qualified security guard who has completed 40 hour guard card training can be very important to meeting your obligations to employees and visitors.  By having a qualified, credentialed security guard on your premises, you can reduce the risk of being sued. Reduce the Risk: Hire a Guard with 40 Hour Guard Card Training Under premises liability laws in California, a visitor who gets hurt on your property as a result of an assault or act of violence could pursue a lawsuit against your business, if the victim could prove negligent security. The victim could be successful in a personal injury tort lawsuit by proving that you should have taken more steps to secure the premises but that you were negligent in making a reasonable effort to prevent violent crime. Your specific obligation to prevent criminal acts as a property owner or renter will vary based on what is reasonable under the circumstances. However, if you hire a qualified security guard who has completed 40 hour guard card training and who is registered with the state, this is strong evidence that you have done your part to make your premises safe. The security guard you hire should have the skills from undergoing security guard training to reduce the chances of violence occurring and causing harm. This can help you to prevent both a civil lawsuit from an injured visitor as well as a workers’ comp claim by an employee injured by an act of violence at work. If you are ready to begin protecting yourself and reducing the risk of a lawsuit or workers’ comp claim, find a qualified security professional with a 40 hour guard card today.  

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