Hours of Training Needed for a Guard Card

To become a security guard in California, you need a guard card. In order to obtain a guard card, you have to undergo training. It is important to determine the amount of training you need so you can plan your schedule and determine how long it will take you to embark on a new career. Hours of Training Needed for a Guard Card In order to become a licensed security guard within the state of California, you will need to undergo a total of 40 hours of training. If you want to do things like work independently for people instead of working for an employer, or if you want to carry a firearm, you are going to need additional training on top of your initial 40 hours. The good news is, the 40 hours of training do not have to be done all at once. You can do an initial eight hours of guard card training to begin the process. This must include a four hour training course on Powers of Arrest and another four hour training course on Weapons of Mass Destruction which prepares you to deal with terrorism incidents. This initial eight hours can get you started on the process of getting your guard card.  You will then have 30 days to take another 16 hours of mandatory courses, and six months to take the final 16 hours of training you need to complete your 40 total hours. The last 16 hours of training can include elective courses so you can learn about the things you are most interested in. To find out more about completing your guard card training, and to sign up for online training courses you can complete in your own time, visit My Security Training today.

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