Guard Card Training Helps You Avoid Personal Liability

When you obtain your guard card, certain mandatory training courses must be taken so you can learn essential skills and so you can learn information necessary to properly do your job as a security guard. In addition to an initial eight hours of required training on Powers of Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction, you also have another 16 hours of required coursework you have to do within 30 days. One of your required courses is on Liability and Legal Aspects. This course can help to protect you from personal liability. Guard Card Training and Personal Liability As a security guard, you are likely to find yourself in some tense situations. Your actions in these situations must be in accordance with the law. If you break the law, not only could you potentially lose your job but you could also face personal civil and criminal liability. A required four hour training course on Liability and Legal Aspects can help you to make certain you are not vulnerable to lawsuits or prosecution. You can learn the role of security guards, the restrictions on police and law enforcement, and the protections in place by California law, federal law, and the U.S. Constitution. Learning about the role of a security officer and about the many laws which apply to how you do your job can help you to avoid serious legal consequences. It can also allow you to create a safer worksite. To sign up for your mandatory Liability and Legal Aspects course that you must complete to earn your guard card and to learn essential info about protecting yourself from lawsuits and prosecution, visit My Security today.

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