Guard Card Courses Provide Key Info About Search and Seizure

When you become a licensed security guard in California, you have to take training courses to earn your guard card. Some courses are mandatory and others are electives. One elective course that you might want to take relates to search and seizure. Guard Card Courses and Info on Search and Seizure Taking a four hour course on Arrests, Search and Seizure is a great option as an elective course if you are trying to become a security guard. You must complete 16 hours of elective courses in addition to an additional 24 hours of mandatory courses to become a licensed guard. Choosing to use four of your 16 hours to learn the rules on searches is a smart choice since there may be many times when doing your job when being able to search someone could become important. You may want to search someone who you suspect of shoplifting, or who you suspect of bringing a weapon into the premises you are guarding. In these and many other situations, you need to understand if and when you are allowed to perform a search and what the protocol is for conducting searches.  You also need to understand the consequences of acting improperly in performing unlawful searches. At My Security Training, you can complete a comprehensive course on search and seizure so you can learn all about what the law will, and won’t, allow you to do. Making this course a part of your guard card training can help you to be better at your job. Find out more today about how guard card training can help you to learn all about rules for search and seizure.

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