Four Things You Learn About Arrests in Guard Card Training

Guard card training is mandatory to become a licensed security guard in California. In fact, a total of 40 hours of training are required within a six month period of time if you want to work as a security guard in the state. You learn lots of different things during your required training on a wide range of issues related to everything from crowd control to terrorism prevention.  Some of the most important things you learn, however, relate to arrests. What You Learn About Arrests During Guard Card Training During the guard card training process, one of the first classes you need to take is called Power to Arrest. During this four hour mandatory training course, you will learn:
  • The definition of an arrest, and the implications that arresting someone can have for the arrested person, the security guard who makes the arrest, and the company employing the security guard.
  • Techniques for de-escalating incidents to minimize or avoid the use of force.
  • Information about different restraint techniques, when those techniques can be used, and what the implications of different restraint techniques are.
  • What trespass laws exist in California, and what the implications of enforcing trespass law can mean for you and for your employer.
You can learn these key facts about arrest, and much more, during your guard card training courses offered by My Security Training. Contact My Security Training today to find out more about guard card training courses and to get the education and skills you need to become a licensed, qualified security guard in the state of California.

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