I will not sugarcoat things for you in this article. I will be truthful with you. Mistakes are generally regarded as one of the unavoidable things in life. Mistakes as a security guard can be costly, especially when it’s on duty. Professional mistakes will not only cost you your career, they might cost you your health, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Getting out of the effects of these mistakes takes a whole lot. However, I have prepared you with 5 common mistakes security guards make and how you can avoid them.

Being Outdated

Most security guards are too comfortable in their role that they do not see a need to find more knowledge or add more certifications to their CV. Besides this, technology is dynamic, and daily, new security gadgets are designed and released. This is no doubt one huge career mistake you should avoid. Get online to see free and paid courses that help to get a hang of the latest gadget released. 

Making a Poor Judgement in a Second

Guards are almost always in a situation where they are to make decisions in the split of a second and in some cases, they make the bad ones and arrive at poor judgments. While most effects can be mild, some can be life and career-threatening. It is your job to make the right decision, but first, take a deep breath.

Your health first

Rest! I repeat, rest! Ask for breaks, take a short trip out of town, curl up in bed, listen to therapeutic music. Your kind of job is demanding and health-threatening. So, rest more.  

License Renewal

One American bad habit is getting a license once and when it is time for renewal, the zeal is always low compared to when you wanted to first get it. You don’t know when you might get busted. 

Under Qualification

The pay that comes with some job roles can be very enticing that most guards tend to ignore that they lack the skill to take the role. Check and check again that you are qualified before saying yes.