Does a Security Guard Need Formal Training?

Security guards in California are required to have formal training.  The minimum you will need to get started initially is security guard card training.  To obtain your guard card, you have to take an eight hour course. You will also need an additional 32 hours of basic training and coursework to hold a job as a security guard. Sixteen hours of this have to be completed within 30 days of starting work as a security guard or within 30 days of first earning a guard card. The remaining 16 hours have to be finished up within six months after getting a card or getting a security job. Additional Security Gard Training  In addition to the initial security card training, you must also complete an additional eight hours of refresher training each year. This refresher training is intended to ensure you stay up-to-date on new developments affecting the industry and to ensure you maintain the essential skills for success within the security field. If you wish to work within certain positions or fields within the security industry, more training is also required. For example,if you wish to work as a Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO), you will need to complete two hours of power to arrest training; two hours of training on weapons of mass destruction, and 12 hours of training on other security-related subjects such as courses on liability and conflict management. Security guard card training, refresher training, and other training courses may all be completed online. Explore your options today to complete the required coursework and to get the credentials you need to become a registered security guard within the state of California.

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