Do You Need to Go to School to Become a Security Guard?

Employers have different criteria for hiring a security guard. One common question job seekers ask is whether they need to go to school to become a security guard. The answer is, it depends. For entry-level, when you are just starting out, you probably do not need a college degree. 

Most security contracting companies and private employers usually look out for a background in law enforcement, the military, or any other armed forces. Although, your first role as a security guard would most likely be unarmed.

Whether one attended school or not, to become a security guard, some preliminary and mandatory training has to be done before one can become qualified. The good news is that you can take your mandatory security guard training online at My Security Training, at your convenience.

While a college degree is not mandatory in most hiring opportunities, it helps to have at least a high school diploma. Certain skills are essential for a security guard to increase their chances of getting hired.

  1. Effective oral and written communication.
  2. Basic first aid knowledge.
  3. Emergency response knowledge.
  4. Able to work independently under minimum supervision.
  5. Customer relations skills.
  6. Critical thinking.
  7. Basic psychology.
  8. Observation and reporting skills.
  9. Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations.
  10. Second language fluency.

At My Security Training, we have dedicated courses for the skills listed. It is important to note that having a degree increases one’s chances of increasing their income and getting promoted to a C-level role in the security industry. Nevertheless, taking courses with accredited institutions like My Security Training could help you upskill and increase your chances of getting salary increases and promotions similar to those with college degrees.