Do Security Guards Really Stop Crimes?

Security guards with BSIS guard card training learn the skills necessary to deter criminal acts and to protect both people and property.  If you are considering hiring private security to prevent violent crimes or to reduce the risk of theft or other offenses against you or your property, you may wish to consider whether hiring a guard will be effective. Does a Security Guard with BSIS Guard Card Training Help Fight Crime? Hiring a qualified security guard with BSIS guard card training can help you to prevent criminal acts in two different ways:
  • The presence of the guard will act as a deterrent. Retail stores, neighborhoods, businesses, and other locations with visible security can benefit from the presence of a security professional out in the open. When a would-be thief or criminal is looking for a target, they should see the security guard and pass by for an easier target.
  • The guard can react in the event a crime is about to occur. Security guards can carefully observe what is going on around the person or property who is being protected. If there are red flags of a problem, the security guard can take appropriate action.  When obtaining BSIS guard card training, security personnel are taught how to respond in various threatening situations to diffuse the risk or to resolve the problem.
You owe it to yourself and to your business to have qualified security to ensure that you do everything possible to reduce the risk of a criminal act occurring.  Find a security guard who has completed BSIS guard card training and who can help to keep you and your property safe.

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