Do Security Guards Need Special Permits for Firearms?

After completing your 40 hour guard card training to become a licensed security guard, you are ready to serve and protect. However, completing training and becoming a licensed security guard does NOT qualify you to carry a gun on the job.  If you want to be an armed guard, there are some additional requirements that have to be fulfilled. Carrying a gun while serving as a security guard is necessary in some jobs, so you may wish to explore the training you’ll need to be able to carry a weapon. BSIS explains:
  • No private patrol or alarm company employee can carry either loaded or unloaded firearms without a firearms qualification card.
  • A firearms qualification card can be issued to licensed private investigators; operators of alarm companies; private patrol operators; or registered employees of such businesses. A card can also be issued to people who are compensated as security guards or patrol persons by lawful businesses or public agencies.
  • You’ll need to undergo a background check and submit an application for a Firearms qualification card.
  • You’ll need to submit proof that you successfully completed a course in carrying and using a firearm.
The rules in California are strict, and you are not even allowed to carry something that looks like a gun or to carry an unloaded gun without a firearms qualification card. There are also additional training requirements and permits that are mandatory if you want an exposed firearm pit. When you’ve got your 40 hour guard card training done, look into whether it makes sense for you to move forward with firearm training so you can carry a weapon on-the-job if needed to be effective as a security guard.

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