COVID-19 Security Risks Security Officers Need to Know

COVID-19 heightened not only health and life risks globally, but also property and business risks. Protecting life and properties from risk is the fundamental duty of security officers. We have already discussed in other posts how security officers can protect themselves against exposure. Now we will discuss security risks security officers need to know about in the ongoing pandemic.

Protective Gear

Everyone is now going around with a mask, gloves and other identity covering wearables in a bid to mitigate the spread of the virus. This makes it difficult to correctly identify individuals when necessary. 


Virtually everything has been moved to remote. Including workers and customers. This means high vulnerability to cyber attacks as workers are away from the safe haven of the general workplace. Awareness and education is essential here, because the cybersecurity of the business is only as strong as the weakest link. A simple phishing email could result in loss running into millions of dollars. An event that could’ve been easily avoided if everyone is well educated. 

Updated Protocols

Security officers adhere to security protocols that would’ve been introduced during orientation. With the change and disruptions caused by the pandemic, most operations and protocols now have fundamental changes. Security officers should be abreast of these changes too. Their knowledge should also be updated through training, whether online or offline. For instance new protocols regarding what to do when exposed or come across someone who is infected.

While plans on business continuity and staff health are taking priority in meetings, there are other areas that should not be neglected. Now is also the time to take proactive and preemptive measures towards the security of life, premises and businesses.