Communications Tips for Security Guards

A security guard’s communication skills could be the determinant of defusing or infusing violence or even stopping a suicide attempt. Yes, in the course of carrying out their duty to protect lives and properties, security guards have been known to encounter diverse situations. Yet, they are obliged to remain and react professionally at all times. Having strong communication skills would help make the job easier and keep lives and properties safe. Here are some communication tips for security guards. 

Familiarity with several communication mediums.

There are different ways to communicate through: writing, video conferencing, in-person conversation, phone calls, two-way radios, and even sign language. As said earlier, a security guard may encounter diverse situations, knowing different mediums of communication would come in handy. This applies to both information obtained or presented. 

When presenting information obtained, a security guard must avoid ambiguity or omission at all costs. Information presented must be clear and concise, accurate, and void of personal or other bias. 

Familiarity with Non-Verbal Cues

Oral or written communication is not the only available means to communicate with another. Most security guards use non-verbal cues to send each other signals. Non-verbal cues could be eye contact, gestures, body language, postures, or facial expressions. Some of these non-verbal cues have a standard meaning or as stated in their relevant communication protocols. It is important a security guard is familiar with them.

Be Courteous, Not Confrontational 

The approach to a situation goes a long way toward resolving it. Security guards should at all times be courteous and professional and not being antagonistic in any situation. Such an approach could defuse tensions. This is where security guards should pay attention to the tone, volume, and cadence of their voice. This applies, whether the situation is happening over a phone call or in person.

In conclusion, security guards should ensure their communication skills are up to date. Communication should be clear, concise, and timely. If you’re a security guard or want to skill up your security guards, you can take our refresher courses so you are on top of your game.

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