CCTV Tips for Security Guards

The first time you saw a CCTV camera was probably at a bank or a mall, or some hi-brow location. These days, CCTV can be found almost anywhere, even in residential areas. Most security companies leverage on it for the effective delivery of their mandate to keep life and property safe. Here are some CCTV security tips for security guards.

Position Cameras at Optimal Locations

Usually, cameras are installed to survey hidden entry points. To avoid creating blind spots that malefactors could exploit to perpetuate damage, ensure cameras are placed at a location where they can effectively cover the area intended for them to survey. This means corners are actually not a good location. And peradventure there are some blindspots, extra attention should be given to the blindspots.

Attend Training or Take Online Courses

Get upskilled on the nuances involved in using CCTV for security purposes. You can browse our catalog of courses for a relevant one. Attending training or taking an online course on My Security Training will equip you with valuable knowledge on monitoring of CCTV, data retrieval, and storage.

Ensure the Appropriate Camera for Application and Location is Used

Some CCTV cameras were built with the ability to move, but with limited coverage, while others are static but with a wide-angle coverage. The former called pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras, still need a security guard to control and manipulate them. Also, some cameras were built for outdoor purposes, while others were built for indoor purposes. It is important to know the difference, in order to preserve their durability.

Secure Hardware and Software

Check that CCTV wires are not exposed to prevent vandalizing and losing live feeds in the monitoring room. Cybersecurity protection should also be extended to CCTV that involves the use of an internet connection.

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