Can You Get Your Guard Card Online?

A guard card is necessary to become a registered security guard within the state of California. You have to complete a total of 40 hours of training in order to get your guard card and become a registered guard. This can be a lot of time for someone who is trying to work, raise a family, fulfill other obligations and train to become a security guard at the same time. The good news is, you can get your guard card online! Getting Your Guard Card Online is Possible Getting your card card online is not only possible, but it is also a very popular way to become a registered security guard in California. You can visit My Security Training in order to sign up for a complete online training package. Your package will include the full 40 hours of training that you need to become a licensed security guard. Not only can you take the necessary courses to get your guard card online, but you can even submit your application online to become a registered security guard. The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services has a link to the online registration that you can complete. You can mail in your security guard application, your application fee, and your live scan information via mail. You will need to go to a designated location to be finger printed so a live scan can be done. However, since the bulk of your training can be done online and your application can be submitted online, you will be able to accomplish almost everything you need to do in order to become a security guard in the comfort of your own home. This makes it easy to embark on an exciting new career while still fulfilling your other obligations. Visit My Security Training today to find out more about the process of getting your guard card online.

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