Can You Get More Training After You Get Your Guard Card?

After you complete your required guard card training, you can choose to continue your education and obtain more certifications. Getting additional training beyond the basics necessary to obtain your guard card can allow you to explore exciting new career opportunities. More training makes it easier for you to get jobs, opens up the door to positions you might not otherwise be qualified for, and can even allow you to strike out on your own. Additional Training After Getting a Guard Card There are lots of different types of additional training you can get after getting a guard card. For example, you may wish to complete 16 hours of coursework to become a Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO). A PSO is an unarmed person with a single employer who provides security services for that employer and who doesn’t contact his services to anyone else. PSOs also either wear security guard uniforms or are likely to interact with the public while performing duties.  If you want to work in this capacity, competing 16 hours of additional training is required. Another option you have is to complete a course which will prepare you to take and pass the exam necessary to become a Private Patrol Operator (PPO). Private patrol operators have their own business that provides protection, instead of working for someone else, like a security firm. These are just a few examples of the kinds of additional training you may want to undertake after initial guard card training. My Security Training offers courses to become a PSO or a PPO, as well as other courses including training necessary to carry a firearm or baton while working in security. Visit our website to find out what kinds of advanced training you may need.  

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