Can Seniors Become Security Guards in California?

Many older people who have retired or who want a late-in-life career change may consider security guard training in California. Becoming a security guard can give you an opportunity to work in many different industries and to do exciting work, so it is a great option for a new career. However, you need to know the rules for who can become a security guard. Can Seniors Become Security Guards? The good news is, seniors are eligible to become security guards, provided that they complete the necessary BSIS security guard training and go through the required background checks and application process.  While there is a minimum age of 18 for security guards in California, there is nothing preventing someone older from doing the job. Not only can seniors become security guards, but employers may also be happy to see someone with responsibility and life experience applying for the job. Security guards have a lot of responsibilities which require them to maintain a level head, to deal with high-stress situations in an effective way, and to calm down potentially disruptive or dangerous people. Many seniors have learned patience and people skills over the course of their lives and will be good at doing the job of a security guard. If you are thinking about a new career in the security industry, regardless of your age, you need to know what the security guard training requirements are. The training process involves taking at least 40 hours over coursework, so you should not hesitate to get started today on your path towards becoming a credentialed guard.

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