Can Security Guards Work for Multiple Employers?

When you have completed your security guard card training, the next step is to find a great job as a qualified security guard. As you begin looking for work and see the myriad opportunities available, one question you may have is whether you are allowed to work for multiple employers or not. Can Security Guards Work for Multiple Employers? A licensed security guard in the state of California is not restricted to working for only one employer. This is great news, because it means you have a lot of flexibility in choosing what you want to do with your security credentials. You can work for lots of different companies across different industries so your job never gets boring. If you are looking for work with multiple employers, it is important to keep in mind that you need to have the right credentials for each type of security work you do. For example, if any of your employers want you to carry a gun, you must have the right training and permits to act as an armed guard. Provided you can find multiple positions for which you are qualified, working as a security guard for multiple employers has many advantages. You will have more job security since your paychecks come from multiple sources; and you can make more connections within the security field so you have more opportunities for advancement. It all starts with getting your security guard card training and becoming licensed, so if you are ready for an exciting new career opportunity, start your training process today.

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