Can I Work in Private Security?

Working in private security can be lucrative, but you need to ensure you meet the requirements for private security officer training. There are different requirements for different types of security personnel. For example, a private patrol operator must undergo different types of training than a proprietary private security officer. Private Security Officer Training to Work in Private Security A private patrol operator is an individual who runs a business intended to protect people, to protect property, and/or to prevent theft.  A private patrol operator has to be specially licensed and must pass a state licensing exam. You can take an online course to prepare you for the PPO exam. The PPO exam is a multiple choice test which takes two hour to complete and which tests your knowledge of the Private Security Services Act, as well as your knowledge of emergency procedures, business operations, use of deadly weapons, and other regulations. If you wish to become a proprietary private security officer, there are different requirements. A proprietary private security officer works for one employer, provides security services personally without contracting them out, wears a distinctive uniform, and regularly interacts with the public. Sixteen hours of training are required and registration with the state is required to become a proprietary private security officer. The training must be completed within six months of obtaining employment, and two of the required courses relate to power to arrest and weapons of mass destruction. Completing this training can be done online if you wish to work in private security. Find out more and get started today on private security officer training so you can get the qualifications you need for your dream job in private security.

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