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Do it Yourself Security Measures: Why it Fails and What to Do About It

02.25.2021 - Necessity is the mother of invention. This saying is a perfect fit when it comes to doing it yourself security measures. It is a fact that state-of-the-art security measures can cost a fortune, hence why people have resorted to doing it yourself methods. Although they have been known to reduce cost, it sometimes fails because […]

5 Trending Crimes in the United States and How to Respond

02.11.2021 - In the United States and indeed the world over, crime remains one of the phenomena that besets us occasionally and disrupts our daily lives. The reasons why those who perpetrate crimes do them vary from revenge to drugs, among other things. In the year 2020 alone, the crimes index for rape was 41.7%, Roberry was […]

Visitors Book And How It Affects Your Security

01.21.2021 - Often, we see visitors registering their names, date of visitation, the reason for visitation, and other details in the visitors’ book when they pay someone in an organization or residential building a visit. Ever wondered what’s it for? A visitors’ book is meant to keep records of guests who come in and out of one’s […]

What to do when a Security Officer Causes Personal Injury

01.14.2021 - Whether at homes or offices, the primary function of a security officer is to ensure the premises’ overall safety. Although many security officers perform their duties excellently, mistakes, or contraventions are bound to occur. Causing personal injury to a customer or anyone while on duty is one mistake or contravention a security officer could make. […]

Should you Hire uniformed vs plainclothes security officers?

01.07.2021 - Around the world, there have always been discrepancies about the variants of most effective security officers; the uniformed or plainclothed ones. Security officers in plainclothes tend to be most effective as they can sniff out security threats easily without attracting attention. On the other hand, security officers in uniforms act as a deterrent to people […]

5 Security Tips For End of Year Shopping

12.24.2020 - We are at that time of the year when market men and women make mammoth sales. This is the period that market men and women label the harvest period where they reap the bountiful fruits of their labor all year round. Typically, the end of year shopping occurs between November and December, and almost everything […]

How Security Guards can Help During Civil Unrest

12.17.2020 - Everyone wants a society where peace reigns, where everyone lives in harmony and togetherness, and prosperity fills the land. However, as humans, there is no way we can live together without having occasional quarrels or disagreements. One of such is civil unrest. Civil unrests are caused by various reasons ranging from the government’s failure to […]

5 ways to Motivate Your Security Officers

12.10.2020 - From the CEO of a multinational company to the janitor, no one likes to work without motivation. Many have the myopic view that motivation has to deal with increasing the remuneration of their employees. While this is partly true, motivation can come in different ways ranging from words of encouragement to things as little as […]

Community Policing and its Benefits

12.03.2020 - Constitutionally, the Police Force is saddled with the responsibility of keeping citizens and properties safe from harm and damage. Unfortunately, it is impossible to meet every citizen at the point of their security needs. Individuals have had to resort to hiring private security guards and security officials. Another option is the use of community policing […]

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Security Guard?

11.26.2020 - A security guard is a person trained in providing specialized protective services for businesses, offices, and residences; especially those of politically exposed or high net worth individuals. Increases in crime, violence, and lawlessness, are just a few of the reasons why we need security guards. There are private and public security guards. The distinction is […]

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