Benefits of Online Training for Security Guards

Traditional ways of training involved gathering students within four walls with a teacher standing at the center or on a platform, in front of everyone. With technology, we can now think outside the box, or if you will, teach outside the four walls. These days, virtually all security guards receive online training on different topics ranging from communications to armed training. My Security Training is a top online training platform for security guards. This post discusses the benefits of online training for security guards.

  1. Convenience: Because training courses are available 24/7, prospective security guards can take their mandatory training at their convenient time. 
  2. Compliance: All security guards and by extension security companies, whether at the federal or state level are required to meet certain continuing education and training standards. With an online training platform like My Security Training, it is easy to operate in compliance.
  3. Reduce Liability: Closely related to compliance, with online training, it is easier to prove compliance with training requirements. This could save the company or security guard from liability in litigation. 
  4. Monitor and Track: With online training, it is easier and faster to distribute resources and also monitor and track how security guards are engaging with the content.
  5. Manage Protocols: When a new protocol or guideline is issued, whether from regulators or internal, it is easier to manage its dissemination amongst security guards in active service. This way, SOPs and other procedural materials can reach those it is intended for in an orderly manner and their reviews also collated properly.
  6. Reduce Costs: Onsite training involves several costs like equipment, location, transportation, trainers per session and so on. With online training, just the one time purchase is all the cost involved and one gets all time access at their convenience.

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