Are Security Guards Allowed to Carry Pepper Spray?

BSIS guard card training programs allow you to learn many of the skills necessary to be an effective security guard. However, you may want to take additional courses as well, so that you can have more work opportunities and so you can stay safer on-the-job. If you are going to be working in any situation where there is a threat of violence, for example, you may want to complete a Pepper Spray program. Security guards are allowed to carry pepper spray in California, but there are rules and regulations you must be in compliance with.  For example:
  • Unless you have special training and certification, you aren’t allowed to have more than 2.5 ounces of pepper spray or any tear gas.
  • California Penal Code §12403.5 stipulates that a person holding certain types of special licenses can “purchase, possess, or transport any tear gas weapon, if it is used solely for defensive purposes in the course of the activity for which the license was issued.”
  • In addition to having a license, you also must complete a training course on the utilization of tear gas which has been approved by the Department of Consumer Affairs.
Courses are open not only to people who are taking or who have completed BSIS guard card training programs but also to both civil agencies and the general public. Taking a course and obtaining the right training to carry and use pepper spray is essential if you are in a situation where conflicts can arise or where there is the potential for acts of violence to occur. Find out your options today so you can safely and legally carry pepper spray.

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