We are in changing times. Careers and jobs are also rapidly evolving. Today, security services are not only limited to someone standing guard at an entrance. So, here are five other big career options for security guards looking to explore other fields of the security profession. 

Private Security Consultancy

Experience gained from being a serving security officer can be harnessed into helping, advising, and proffering security solutions to individuals and corporate bodies. To kickstart a private security consultancy, you need to have an advanced college and masters degree. You will also have to invest in courses, workshops, seminars, and training. A government license to practice is always important. 

Private Investigator

With law enforcement agencies having their tables filled with crime files daily, on robbery, murder, burglary, harrassment, threat, kidnapping, etc. Rather than waiting on the police and other government institutions to carry out investigations, individuals are now employing the services of licensed and competent private investigators who can help them intelligently investigate cases. 

Correctional Officers

For a time, moving from the role of a security officer to a correctional officer was the trend. Correctional officers are unsung heroes who help ensure a safe and effective rehabilitation process for incarcerated citizens. 

Cyber Security

You can altogether decide to leave the physical security sphere and take it digital. Cybersecurity is another security career you can consider if you can put it to work.  Basically, cybersecurity specialists protect information systems. They run the whole process of safeguarding from cybersecurity issues. 

Law Enforcement

It might be the government uniform that has always interested you. Once there are no natural limitations like age, health, etc, nothing stops you from giving it a shot 

The fast pace at which times are changing will keep opening up new opportunities, even for the security industry.