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Giving you quality security training that is 100% compliant is our sole focus.  It’s what we do – everyday.

In order to help you enter or advance in your career as a security officer, it is important the you are instructed by the best and in a way that makes it easy for you to get through the courses while learning valuable industry knowledge.

MySecurityTraining is proud of our two prinicipal instructors / subject matter experts that represent decades of security experience in all areas.  Once we combined their depth of knowledge with a team of professional curriculum designers, the resulting courses are engaging, straightforward and solidly compliant.  Just what you need.

David McCarthy - Chief Instructor

David McCarthy has an incredible military, police and security history of achievements since the late 1970s.
Career Highlights:
  • Currently an instructor at the Marine Corps Police Academy on subjects ranging from law courses, firearms and defensive tactics
  • Armed/Unarmed Security and Executive Protection
  • USMC member since 1982, including supervising an Anti-Terrorism Task Force with multiple deployments in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, as well as being a Deputy Provost Marshal
  • Integral in the evaluation and selection of private security companies for a $3.5 billion theater-wide security contract
  • Deputy City Attorney for Culver City, CA – graduate from Fordham School of Law
  • Former police officer in New York State

Harold Hunter - Program Director

Harold Hunter brings over 40 years of his professional experience, insight and knowledge from the security industry to you.
Career Highlights:
  • 15 years as a California police officer, rising to Supervisor rank
  • Training Director for multi-state security company for well over a decade
  • Regional Director of Operations for a sizable and established security company
  • Lead trainer and content creator for security officer instructional programs at the post-secondary level

Experienced, Quality Instructors and Leaders