5 Ways to Motivate Your Security Officers

From the CEO of a multinational company to the janitor, no one likes to work without motivation. Many have the myopic view that motivation has to deal with increasing the remuneration of their employees. While this is partly true, motivation can come in different ways ranging from words of encouragement to things as little as a pat on the back.

In this article, we examine how security officers can be motivated.

Allowing  a healthy work culture

Allowing a healthy work culture among security officers is vital to keep them motivated on the job. Allowing security officers to interact with themselves is an instant way to keep them motivated. You can do this by making them work together in teams, organizing a central once in a monthly lunch or a forum for the security officers to make their feelings known and their voice heard. This way, they’ll feel appreciated and motivated.

Regular training and retraining

Do you want to keep your security officers motivated? Then you must train and retrain them regularly. This is because training allows security officers to share ideas among themselves and have a close relationship different from the workplace. Training such as team-building drills is great for motivating security officers. Similarly, during those training, you could invite veterans in the field to give them motivating talk about what it takes to be a security officer.

Look for chances to engage with the security officers

Does your security team seem to be lacking motivation, and you’ve tried all you can, but nothing is working? Why not try engaging them? Many managers are so busy that they do not feel a need to interact with the security officers. Hence the security officers feel undervalued and begin to perform below expectations. Try to connect with your security team today and feel their pulse on different issues bothering them.

Always reward excellence

This method of motivation tends to work across board. Security officers who have performed their duties excellently can be presented with awards to recognize their selfless service. They are sure to be motivated and even inspire their teammates to perform better.

Ensure that their pension and welfare is secure

Having a pension scheme for your security officers is a foolproof way of ensuring that your security officers stay motivated. Once the security officers know that their future beyond retirement is secure, they will perform at their best. For welfare, end of year packages and free lunch occasionally will do the trick.


Everyone needs motivation, one way or another. If you have been defaulting in motivating your security officers, start today and see them function at their best!