5 Ways to Make Your Security Guard Resume Stand Out

The job-hunting process can sometimes be a long and silent one, which unfortunately seems to be the typical encounter nowadays, even for the most seasoned professionals.  Applying for security officer positions is no exception, especially if you’ve recently received your Guard Card and have limited relevant experience.  The good news is that everyone who is currently employed as a security officer was once new to the field and also lacking experience, so you’re definitely not alone, so remember that you are on the brink of a rewarding career in security!


While you’re searching for a position, it may help to create and present an updated security guard resume that mentions your newly-issued Guard Card, along with other pieces of information that will help distinguish your resume from those of other applicants.  This can include other special certifications, like a First Aid / CPR Certification. Below are 5 tips to help you accomplish this: 1.  Reiterate the Job Description If the job you’re applying for is indeed relevant to your field of knowledge or interest, pepper some of the words from the job description into your resume.  This will help demonstrate that you’re a suitable candidate, and that yours is not another cookie-cutter resume that you use to apply for any and every job opening, from babysitter to dental hygienist. 2.  Include a “Training” Section Add a “Training” section to the top of your resume, so that it’s easier for the company to quickly scan through your list of completed courses, certifications, and licenses.  This is the ideal location to highlight that you have a Guard Card. 3.  Provide Necessary Information Upfront Depending on what the specific job description calls for, mention information that you think the employer would be most interested to learn, such as whether you have a clean driving record or know how to handle certain types of security equipment. 4.  Make your Employment History Relevant Even if you don’t have much (or any) security-related work experience, you can still be able to accurately relate what non-security work skills you have gained that are useful in the world of security.  For example, if you worked as a sales associate at a bookstore, you may be able to explain that you helped provide a safe environment for shoppers as part of your customer service duties, and that all the product inventory and money in the registers were always accounted for during all your shifts. 5.  Omit Irrelevant Details Don’t use precious resume space to talk about irrelevant details regarding personal interests.  Always assume that the people reading your resume are extremely busy, and that you have just two or three seconds to grab their attention with your best elevator pitch. Of course as with any type of professional communication, make sure that you review the entire document before sending it out, paying special attention to detail and catching potential spelling and grammatical errors. Now that you know how to set your resume apart from the rest, it’s time to start gathering all the details and putting it together. Best of luck with your job search! Related Post:  10 Security Guard Interview Questions to Answer

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