5 Ways to Improve Your Business's Security

We have evolved from using stones and sticks to now drones and robots in defending against unauthorized breach or harm on our valuables. If you run a business, your number one priority will be the need for security officers who will keep both your assets and customers safe, both online and offline. Otherwise, a theft or burglary could leave you in dire straits and lead to loss of confidence from employees and even customers. This is bad for business. Below are five ways to improve your business security.

  1. Follow the door to security officer ratio which states that for every door at your premises, there should be a security officer stationed there. This also has the added benefit of deterring malicious activities.
  2. Setup CCTV cameras: For some areas, example employee offices, having a security officer standing over their shoulders could feel uncomfortable, using CCTV cameras allows for ‘invisible’ surveillance. Moreover, this can help to reduce costs of hiring.
  3. Regular Security Analysis/Survey: Several factors come into play when developing a security strategy. Some include the location, type of event, type of building and type of business. The security strategy of a seminar event will be different from that of a mall. A survey of the premises to identify security risks, weaknesses and damages like poor lighting, broken locks or fences, holes in the walls, etc., that could be exploited.
  4. Train Staff On Emergency Response: Some security situations happen during office hours when staff are still on duty. While this could be a dangerous situation, especially where weapons are involved like armed robbery, the situation could be salvaged if staff have been previously trained on emergency response. Setting of an alarm or hitting the panic button could help to scare away malicious people.
  5. Hire More Security Officers: We have previously talked about people to security officer ratios. The more security officers, the safer it will be.