Several bad reports have been made concerning security guards across the state. Most of which are centered on bad professional ethics, incapabilities, negligence of duties, physical unfitness, etc. As a current guard or prospective one, you would almost always ask yourself, how can I be better? How can I not fall in the list of those reported?

While most answers might be you working on yourself, the real answer lies in you finding the right training course to enhance your professionality. Here is why we have prepared for you the top 5 required courses for a security guard training

Let’s lay emphasis on State Required Courses

This is the most basic, required, and almost the first training course you must scale through as a security guard. Very important for you to get licensed to work as a guard in the state. These state-required courses differ according to the requirements of each state department. They can be gotten from any licensed security training firm in your state.  

Armed Certificate Course

You can ignore it if you do not see yourself becoming an armed guard. This course helps you get and verify your license to smartly and skillfully use a gun on duty. 

Criminal Justice System Course

The criminal system course is not only to train you in how to handle criminals. It also gives you a broader knowledge of laws associated with practice as well as the three-justice elements; courts, policing, and corrections. 

Occupation Health and Safety

As a guard, you are the first responder. This course prepares you to handle occupational and health emergencies.

Computer Service Technician 

While your employer might train you on the basic use of gadgets like CCTV monitoring, etc. A certificate on CST is much better to increase your knowledge of the usage of computer systems.

Conflict Resolution and Management

This is a course that will improve your conflict management skills. Of course, you do not want to have a customer getting on your nerves or reporting you for bad service.