5 Security Tips for End of Year Shopping

We are at that time of the year when market men and women make mammoth sales. This is the period that market men and women label the harvest period where they reap the bountiful fruits of their labor all year round. Typically, the end of year shopping occurs between November and December, and almost everything you want to purchase can be bought online. Due to the various bonuses and discounts that end of the year, shopping can attract, people tend to look forward to it. However, as exciting as it is, there are downsides to it as the rate of theft increases during this period, among other things.

Hence, this article examines the security tips that could come in handy when doing end of year shopping.

Do not carry large sums of cash when shopping offline

It is inadvisable to go end of year shopping with large sums of cash. Nowadays, there are POS machines for safe payments or scan your merchants’ payment QR code. Shopping with large sums of cash exposes you to thefts and robberies as not everyone is at the shopping malls for shopping. Soome are there with a completely different agenda that could involve loss and damage to you.

Ensure the zipper of your bag is never open

While shopping at the end of the year, always keep your bag close to you! If the bag has a zipper, ensure that it is always zipped. Similarly, while shopping, ensure that you’re not distracted, as it has been discovered that most bags are snatched when the owners are distracted. Also, you are advised to walk less crowded routes when shopping.

Do not be overdressed

When doing end of the year shopping, it is advised that you dress casually; you don’t want to go shopping looking as though you’re attending a wedding ceremony. If you do this, you could be inviting criminals already.

Avoid Strangers

Those who are going for the end of year shopping for the first time need this advice. Avoid asking directions from random people; they are likely to be bag-snatchers or thieves. In the event of asking for your way around, ask from mall staff or security officers.