3 Skills Security Guards Must Have

Security guard training helps those interested in working as security professionals to develop the skills needed for success. Work as a security guard can be very rewarding, but a career in this industry also means taking on a lot of responsibility. You will be entrusted with keeping people and property safe from harm, and you need to be able to respond quickly and effectively in high stakes situations when you are in charge of security. While there are lots of essential qualifications needed for security guards, including a guard card and a clean criminal record, it’s also important to think about some of the soft skills necessary for success at the job. Three essential skills security guards will need to have include:
  • Excellent communications skills: Security guards need to be able to follow instructions to-the-letter. Security guards also need to be able to communicate effectively with people in an emergency situation or with suspects who are causing a potential security threat. It is often possible for good security guards to diffuse high stakes situations with simple communication.
  • The ability to remain calm in a crisis: Security guards may need to react quickly in the event of a threat to the person or property being protected. When there is a security threat, you need to be able to size up the situation calmly and decide on the best course of action likely to lead to the most positive outcomes. Those who tend to panic in high stakes situations will not do well in creating effective solutions to security risks.
  • Effective problem solving skills: Security guards must be able to diffuse troublesome situations. Finding the right solutions can help avoid escalation and can make it easier to keep people and property safe.
If you have the right skills to become a great security guard, consider exploring your options for security guard training so you can become a qualified guard and find meaningful work in the security industry.

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