Why Us?

Our company spans across nearly all aspects of security; from online training required to obtain specific licenses, to providing a platform connecting both qualified guards and great security companies.

Our online training portal – MySecurityTraining – focuses solely on getting its customers ready in various sectors of security (Active Shooter, School Security, etc.). We provide optimal online training while utilizing the latest technology in order to deliver a clean, simple, unparalleled experience in obtaining a certificate. Our technology, along with top-notch service, combine to form a platform that our customers know, love, and continue coming back to.

On the other end of the spectrum lies SecurityHires; our cutting edge job board. SecurityHires offers a solution for both those looking for jobs in security-related fields as well as companies looking to hire qualified individuals. The platform is easy to use and backed by the same high standard of service as MySecurityTraining.

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My Security Training