Proprietary Private Security Officers (PSO) Training Course

16 hrs

This online 16 hour course satisfies the necessary training to apply for the Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO). The definition of a PSO is an unarmed individual, (1) who is employed exclusively by a single employer, (2) whose primary duty is to provide security services for that employer, (3) whose services are not contracted to any other entity or person, and (4) who meets both of the following criteria: (a) Is required to wear a distinctive uniform clearly identifying the individual as a security officer, and (b) Is likely to interact with the public while performing his or her duties. For more information, click here

The complete course of training shall consist of a minimum of 16 hours and shall be completed within the first six months from either the date of employment or date of issuance of the proprietary private security officer’s registration by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). This course fulfills the training requirements of 2-hours of Power-to-Arrest training, 2-hours of Weapons of Mass Destruction training and 12 hours of other security related topics such as roles and responsibilities, public and employer expectation, liability issues, communication/conflict management and emergency procedures.

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