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Three Ways a Guard Card Helps You Start a New Career

01.19.2017 - A guard card can help you to start an exciting new career. You can complete the courses online to obtain your guard card and become a qualified security guard.  Security guards can work in many different industries, from mall security to corporate security to serving as a bouncer and beyond.  If you are interested in […]

Will Employers Hire Security Guards Without a Guard Card?

01.17.2017 - If you want to work as a security guard in California, you will need to get your guard card. Undergoing the required training and completing a background check is essential to working within the security industry. Without a guard, getting hired be a good employer will be all-but-impossible. Why Employers Don’t Hire Security Guards Without […]

Why Get More Training After You Get a Guard Card

01.12.2017 - To get a guard card, you have to complete eight hours of initial training on Weapons of Mass Destruction and Powers of arrest. You have 30 days to take another 16 hours of mandatory training courses, and then six months to complete an additional 16 hours of elective courses. This is a total of 40 […]

Can You Get More Training After You Get Your Guard Card?

01.10.2017 - After you complete your required guard card training, you can choose to continue your education and obtain more certifications. Getting additional training beyond the basics necessary to obtain your guard card can allow you to explore exciting new career opportunities. More training makes it easier for you to get jobs, opens up the door to […]

How Guard Card Training Gives You Crowd Control Skills

01.05.2017 - Security guards frequently have to deal with crowds. Whether you are guarding a location or a special event, you may encounter crowds which have gathered either for lawful or unlawful purposes. You need to understand how to interact with and control these crowds in a safe and effective way. Guard card training can give you […]

How Guard Card Training Helps with Community Relations

01.03.2017 - Guard card training can help security guards to learn to interact positively with the public and to improve community relations.  Because security guards interact with the public so much, it is imperative that they understand how to create a positive impression and how to deal with people in an appropriate way. It is so important […]

Learning to Preserve the Incident Scene in Guard Card Training

12.29.2016 - As a security guard with a guard card, you are likely to encounter some situations in your career where a criminal act may have been committed. If and when you are working as a security guard when the law is broken, you need to understand how to preserve the incident scene. Fortunately, you can complete […]

Guard Card Training Helps You Avoid Personal Liability

12.27.2016 - When you obtain your guard card, certain mandatory training courses must be taken so you can learn essential skills and so you can learn information necessary to properly do your job as a security guard. In addition to an initial eight hours of required training on Powers of Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction, you also […]

Guard Card Courses Provide Key Info About Search and Seizure

12.22.2016 - When you become a licensed security guard in California, you have to take training courses to earn your guard card. Some courses are mandatory and others are electives. One elective course that you might want to take relates to search and seizure. Guard Card Courses and Info on Search and Seizure Taking a four hour […]

How Guard Card Training Helps Guards Improve Communication

12.20.2016 - Guard card training courses are required before someone can become a licensed security guard within the state of California. There are certain courses which are mandatory for those who wish to become security guards, and there are certain elective courses that would-be guards can take. One of the mandatory courses can provide significant help to […]

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